Snow Cream Moisturizer by Symphony Beauty Review

I’m gonna preface this review with a quick story as to why skin care is extremely important to me.

I spent a lot of my teenage years with horrible acne. It even persisted to my early 20s. My acne was clustered in red bulbous growths on my cheeks.

It was painful. Physically and emotionally.

Once I started learning about makeup about 3 years ago, taking care of my skin just started following suit.

My skin care routine hasn’t really changed much, but now I’ve started experimenting with new products.

Thanks to Ipsy I’ve found a lot of amazing products, and this moisturizer has to be one of my all time favorite products just in general.

Like, seriously. Holy shit. This moisturizer is absolutely incredible.

First of all, the texture of this moisturizer is like a fluffy cloud that feels like a gentle kiss on your face when you apply it. I’ve literally never felt a moisturizer like this before. It’s cooling and soft and just so good. It’s impossible for me to get up in the morning, but the prospect of putting this on my face helps me get out of bed just a tiny bit faster.

That’s saying a lot.

At the time of writing this I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks. My skin is just so soft. It stays soft all day. I have very oily skin and I don’t feel like this makes me greasy at all. It’s so hydrating and gets absorbed in your skin really fast, so if you’re planning to put makeup you don’t have to wait forever for it to sink. That’s always a pet peeve of mine.

I think this would also be really great for dry skin too because it’s just like injecting moisture into your skin and it stays hydrated so you don’t have to reapply any.

My only qualm is that I don’t like that it comes in a tub, but I guess it makes sense because of the formula and the way the texture of this moisturizer is.

It’s just seriously the best and it’s like, I don’t even want to try any other moisturizers ever because this is just the most perfect one.

You can buy this moisturizer from Amazon for only $20, which honestly, I don’t think is that bad. You only need about a dime size of product to get your whole face.

I hope you enjoyed my little review and please let me know if you’d like more!



How Do You Goth In Winter?

My fashion is very simple, unlike most things in my life. I like to wear minimalistic clothes. It’s the one aspect of my life that I feel like I can control myself.

What I mean is…I have a habit of collecting, stockpiling, overcomplicating things.

So when winter comes, it comes with complications. Snow complications. Complications finding motivation. Complicated outfits.

You need a coat. You need a scarf. You need gloves. You need boots. You need a hat.

It’s an event just putting everything on to go outside for just a quick walk to the car!

It’s easy to find black winter clothes, but how to accessorize them and turn it into an outfit in and of itself is another story. At least for me it is.

This is going to be my first winter fully embracing my goth aesthetic.

So the hunt began for a coat that I could wear reliably that would keep me warm and more importantly, keep me cute.

I found the most perfect coat in the history of coats.


It’s quilted on the inside, fits perfectly and it’s got corset lacing on the back. It’s a lot. And it’s perfect. I opted for the red because I felt like I needed more red in my wardrobe and I thought that it was more striking and fitting than the all black version.

It’s a Hell Bunny coat and I first saw it on Modcloth, but they didn’t have my size. I had to hunt the internet to find the 2X and I found one on eBay for a total of $95. It was MUCH cheaper than Modcloth ($169.99).

It’s amazing what a bit of internet detective-ing can do.

Now I don’t have to compromise my aesthetic in order to keep warm and toasty this winter.


Spider Webs and Purple Lips


Super loved my outfit today. It was casual and spoopy and comfortable.

The leggings are SO nice. I got them from Torrid. They have a really interesting shiny but kind of matte look to them. And they’re really pleasant to touch. These will definitely be great for anyone who is tall and curvy! As for me, who is very short. They kind of bunch up at the ankles, but it’s not uncomfortable.


The shirt is from H&M and I just love anything that has a lace collar. I will literally buy anything that has a black lace collar.

I used NYX Liquid Suede in “Oh, Put it on!” and I love how it looks mostly black but once the light catches it, you can see how deep purple it is.



Are Goths Always Late?

So, I woke up really late today and I wasn’t feeling well. But that wasn’t going to stop me from dressing cute. Luckily, it’s not that hard for me to be cute.

All I did was put on a black tank top, lavender suspender skirt and black leggings. I added my Iron Fist bat platforms as an extra umph (but I should have used my cupcake wedges I got yesterday because the purple on the shoes matched my skirt perfectly).

I threw on my ghost cardigan since it’s been a little chilly and to add a spook factor~

And out the door I ran!

I got so many compliments about my outfit at work today! And nobody was the wiser about my frenzy to get dressed and get the hell out of the house.

I got the leggings from eBay and they’re pretty comfy and warm. They’re fleece lined and not see through! So I could just wear them by themselves if I wanted to, which is the BEST.

The suspender skirt I got from Amazon. It’s nice. It’s not perfect quality and I have to adjust it quite a bit because I think it’s a little too short. But the color is lovely and I definitely recommend it for curvy ladies!

I got mine in X-Large. Amazon has a lot of other types of suspender skirts, but this was one of the only ones I found on Prime and that had an XL.

All in all, I’m super happy with this outfit! Next time I’ll try and have the lavender theme more apparent with my Cupcake wedges.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!

Squeal you later~


After too much faffing about, I’ve finally started this fashion blog.

Who am I?

Well, my name is Noreen. I’m a huge nerd for comics, cosmetics, coffee, cats, cinema and clothes! Specifically goth fashion. I’d describe my style as soft goth. I mostly wear simple black clothes with a touch of color here and there. Just to keep things saucy.

I spend way too much time on the internet looking for cute spooky clothes and accessories, which means I’ve accumulated a lot of cool knickknacks and that give my outfits a little something extra.

I don’t want to keep all my cool secrets to myself though! I want to show anyone who is interested in goth fashion, whether it be pastel, nu, or street where to get awesome things to amplify and electrify your looks!

I take risks and buy things from shady Chinese sites and eBay to see if they’re actually good quality. And I get surprised a lot! Because even as a “plus size” woman, I can find a lot of things that fit me and look great! I want to be able to show other women who look like me that you can wear what you love, for an affordable price and look hella.

I adore makeup and I make an effort to try and seek out small brands and independent companies because they deserve to be highlighted and recognized.

I hope you enjoy your stay~